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100 millions of waste enter nature; pollute lands, rivers and oceans every year.

With lower production and base materials costs, virgin plastic production has accelerated over the last decade. It has become more and more profitable for the petrochemical industry. It costs less to dismiss waste in nature instead of having to handle the end-of-life. It is now obvious that our production, our plastic use and disposal systems are failed systems in which no one is ever responsible for anything.

Our recycling actions

Recover our waste and recycle them
or produce energy

How do we recycle our cups ?

Formerly, our plastic cups were gathered and were used to create various items. However, plastic cups have been removed from the company for more than a year. It is about 25000 avoided cups per year. As substitute, “Gobi”s were implemented. “Gobi”s are gourds easily transportable and recognizable thanks to the customization system. Each employee has its own Gobi gourd.

In a year and for 48 employees, Gobi gourds replaced and avoided…

31 200 plastic cups

144 kg of CO²

192 kg of waste

How do we recycle light bulbs/neon lights ?

To create new fluorescent tubes, we use glass from old tubes, instead of the main raw material: sand, composing glass at 70%. With lamps’ glass, it is possible to create abrasives such as sandpaper or glass wool. Our lights are therefore, gathered and recycled upon request.

How do we recycle paper documents, magazines and books ?

In 2018, our old documents allowed creating 200 reams of 500 paper sheets, recycled in a specialized company. However, before sending our documents to recycling, they are used as scrap papers.

How do we recycle bottle caps ?

30 000 caps are gathered every year and sent to a collection association in charge of selling them to a manufacturer of recyclable plastic pallets. The totality of those sales’ revenues are spent on acquisition of equipment for disabled people, like wheelchair for example.

How do we recycle batteries ?

Batteries are easily recyclable: from a ton of batteries, we can extract up to 600kg of reusable materials. Therefore, we encourage our employees to participate to this process, by bringing their old batteries in the collect container.

How do we recycle ink cartridge ?

We gather about 10kg of empty cartridges per year. They allow the creation of new cartridges for other customers. We also prefer to fill our cartridges at a local partner in order to reduce plastic waste impact.

How do we recycle coffee ground ?

We propose or employees to use the company’s coffee ground in collection points instead of wasting this very useful material: natural fertilizer, air freshener for the house, body and face care… uses are plentiful.

How do we recycle cardboard ?

It is good to know that a cardboard can be recycled up to 10 times. In 2018, it allowed to spare 42.5 tons of wood and avoid many tons of CO2. We are very cautious on recycling this material; we have an exclusive skip for its collection.

How do we recycle cigarette stubs ?

After being gathered, cigarette stubs are centralized in order to be sorted and then sieved. Next, they are cleaned up, separated and transformed to make objects such as ashtrays or shopping cart tokens. We gather about 10 kg of cigarette stubs per year. We also raise awareness about smoking.

How do we recycle ordinary industrial waste ?

We collect pallets, rubbles or our suppliers’ transport packaging. Once gathered for our local provider, waste can produce energy and contribute to energetic independence of some industrial and food industry of the region.

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