Accessibility, proximity and trust

Our values

Fundamental values that drive us

Nat&Form has a logic based on proximity, trust and loyalty with all customers, clients and suppliers.

We are wholly aware that Nat&Form’s durability is closely related to the sharing of our values with all our stockholders.

Relations of trust and accessibility

Our suppliers, real partners of Nat&Form.

Since its creation, Nat&Form favours sustainable partnerships with its suppliers, our relationships are based on the common expectations we have. Shared values are what drives us to build relationships with our partners. 

We favour long-lasting collaborative efforts with our suppliers. We include them in our chain of values, as major actors, always aiming to improve our food supplements’ quality. 

Nowadays, Nat&Form works with 95% of local companies located in France or Brittany. A conscious choice in the directing line of our social commitments in order to participate to the economic and social development of our territories.

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Transparency and information with our customers

Nat& Form offers a range of quality food supplements and herbal teas, efficient and meeting customers’ expectations. In all of our communication, we particularly care about offering complete information without any grey areas to our end customers. We prefer a type of approach that allows taking in all of information and special precautions for our food supplements. 

In its daily action, Nat&Form seek offering full transparency on products’ manufacturing. This is why the food supplements’ certificates of compliance are available for you on our website. Every consumers can check anytime batches on their possessions with a simple click. More than 110 000 checks are available online. 

We bond close relationships with our customers. The customer service, at the heart of our company in Ploemeur, is available Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 12:30pm and from 2:00pm to 5:30pm with this number: 0 800 879 382. Phone operators take care of customers’ requests and questions, in a quick and customized way. This proximity allows a real trust relationship. 

In the meantime, Nat&Form is available on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn). On our website, we regularly propose articles about our core activities.

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Information and formation with our points of sale.

Nat&Form’s products are distributed in more than 4 000 points of sales (pharmacies, drugstores and specialized organic shops). We give importance to maintaining our trust and proximity relations with our clients.

We often inform our partners about the compliant evolutions of our food supplements. Nat&Form also works on a bimonthly publication “Le Fil Vert”. It regroups our products’ new features, galenic information, and the company’s evolution. We have regular mailings, also preserving the close relation.

Nat&Form is committed to undertake formations and/or events. Those training periods cover different topics and aim to guide consumers towards products that fit them the best.

As the leader on the eco-friendly phytotherapy market, Nat&Form attends every year, trade fairs dedicated to food supplements, such as Nat Expo for example. We invite our partners to these businesses meeting in order to meet new ones while sustaining the current relationships.

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Bastien Pariaud’s interview

Chief executive officer of Nat&Form

Bastien Pariaud leads Nat&Form. Engaged in a strong economic development, this small Breton family business managed to become the leader on the eco-friendly phytotherapy market thanks to a global strategy, strong commitments towards clients, consumers and partners.

How would you define proximity in Nat&Form ?

Our company is a small family business that became the leader in eco-friendly phytotherapy. Our strength was to manage growing while keeping positive commitments and strong values. We control all of our production, from start to finish. Whenever partners or consumers call or visit us, they are directly at the heart of the company. We have adopted an ambitious HR and CRS policy. We are co-building with our partners, the company of tomorrow. This results in a small team renewal and common commitments spirit. This collective mind allows Nat&Form to always be opened to evolutions and be more efficient on its actions.

How do you manage to grant good reachability of your products ?

Like every company, our aim is to create efficient and perfectly adapted food supplements for our consumers, and develop the brand’s presence all over the territory. Our philosophy is to do it with eco-friendly actions and strong social and environmental commitments. We consider that this strategy should not curb the food supplements’ accessibility for public. We offer efficient and quality products. 

Moreover, we constantly improve our internal processes in order to offer fair-priced food complements. We make sure that products’ reachability is guaranteed but not at the expense of our suppliers’ well-being. Quality, efficiency and safety are essential to a trustful relationship with consumers.