Innovation and plant expertise

Innovate with respect
of environment and humans

Nat&Form cares about customers and the elaboration of efficient food supplements, of good quality, suited for their needs.

This commitment is the main pillar of our innovation policy. It is combined with a total transparency and strong eco responsible objectives :
organic products, plastic reduction and positive societal impacts on the company.

Constant innovation

to ensure our values, or commitments
and satisfy everyone’s well-being

Innovating in line with our values

At Nat&Form, we draw the best of what nature has to offer, and propose food supplements with natural active ingredients, nothing more. Our innovation strategy focuses on the respect of environment and humans. The company set eco responsible and ambitious goals (see the section “Our CSR commitments”). For many years now, our R&D policy draws a particular attention to develop products :

  • Innovating by their composition
  • Healthy and trackable in their origin
  • Efficient thanks to their selected active ingredient 
  • And bearable for the planet.

Our team is constantly looking for new plants and galenic forms, fitting our customers’ needs.

With 20 years’ experience, Nat&Form designs makes high quality food supplements. Each year, this innovation policy leads to range expansion or new products launchings, in touch with or DNA.

In a context of significant growth in organic products consumption and a general awareness about social and environmental issues, the innovative nature of Nat & Form’s products is above all a reassuring benchmark, loaded with common values with consumers.

Innovating through R&D, Marketing and Quality centres

We chose to gather internally all the important skills requested to develop new product ranges. From market analysis to manufacture, going through supplying, Nat & Form’s teams handle the overall processes. (Formulation, control, graphic creation, manufacturing and packaging in particular).

Control over the whole innovation and production chain allows a crucial responsiveness, servicing the brand’s innovation. Purchase and quality control teams make sure to find the best plants and actives supply sources, while in the mean time we ensure the respect of our bill of specifications applied to our suppliers. The marketing centre is also in close collaboration with the R&D services to ensure our products’ positioning. Production holds on planning the manufacturing specifications blueprints.

This teamwork allows us to control all aspects of our new products, proof of our commitments towards you! Our organisation’s agility makes it possible to answer quickly to demands of development, strengthening the base of our commitments.



250M / YEAR





Fabien Joannic’s Interview

Deputy Director in charge of purchases
and research & development

At Nat&Form, Fabien Joannic leads food supplements’ creation for 10 years now. At the heart of an ambitious teamwork, he carries a R&D policy serving the brand’s commitment.

Nat&Form is an innovating player in the food supplement field. What is your position on this ?

Nat&Form is a mid-sized company surrounded by regional companies, smaller ones and also very huge international companies. This is a strength to answer those two actors. We evolve with agility, flexibility and dynamism to always keep innovating. We are able to answer almost immediately to our customers’ requests and tendencies. Our other strength is our responsiveness against regulatory changes. We give high priority to apply those changes forthwith, whereas most big structures take more time to adapt.  Nat&Form has a total mastery over its products’ manufacturing on the site in Brittany. It is a safety guarantee for our clients.

How to enhance innovation by plants in France ?

Communication about plants benefits are nowadays strictly controlled and almost officially forbidden in France. For us, there is still a sort of frustration of not being able to directly inform clients. Herborism and phytotherapy (widely documented in pharmacology reference material) are scientific disciplines that have a tendency to get lost, even though recent parliamentary activities tend to grant them a better place.